Test Results and Laboratory Specimens

Test Results

For the results of tests please telephone between 9.30am and 4.30pm.

General Information about Test Results

When having a test done please check with the doctor or nurse when the result likely to be back.

When the result is back the receptionist will be able to read out the message from the doctor. For reasons of confidentiality the receptionist is not able to read out the full result over the phone.

If the result is abnormal then the doctor will have left instructions on what do next. This may include a repeat test after a certain time period or to make a telephone or face to face consultation.

Please ensure that we have your current up to date contact mobile telephone number.


Results for patients over 16 years of age can only be given to the patient.

Test Times

Below is a rough guide to how long results can take to come through.

Type of TestUsual Time for Results
X-RayUp to 2 weeks
Smear4 weeks
Blood tests2 to 7 days, depending on the test
Urine and StoolsWithin 3 days

Laboratory Specimens

Specimens should be handed in to the practice by either 11am or 4pm daily Monday to Friday.

Please ensure your name and date of birth are on the container or alternatively a label with your name and a barcode.