New Patients

We accept new patients who will be permanently resident in our practice area for more than three months.

How to Register as a Patient

Please bring the following documents with you if possible (documents marked with a * are ESSENTIAL):

  • Completed new patient registration form *
  • Completed Health Questionnaire form *
  • Proof of Identity *
    (We require at least 2 forms of identity (ID). At least one must be photographic and at least one must have your address)
  • NHS card
  • Drug reorder slip from you previous practice (if applicable)

Until you are fully registered with the practice, you will remain registered with your previous GP.

Until we receive confirmation of your past medical history and medication we will not be able to issue any repeat prescriptions. You should ask your previous GP for a supply.

Health Check

We like to see all new patients who are on repeat medication(s). It is essential to book this appointment with a GP. This ensures that no important details are overlooked.