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Practice Clinics and Services

Your Doctor will try and find the best way of making you better. This may not involve giving you medicine or tablets, as there are other ways to treat you, so please do not expect a prescription on every visit. You may require advice on how to prevent illnesses in the future.

The surgery provides minor surgery, but if you need specialist advice or treatment, you will be referred to the hospital.

Active Forth

Patients who meet the criteria and would benefit from a programme of exercise can be referred by their GP.

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Antenatal Clinics

We offer full antenatal care and postnatal care in cooperation with community midwife and hospital.

Your pregnancy test is positive, what next?

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Asthma Clinic

By appointment only. Aims to provide consistent and organised care. The emphasis is on better education. The nurse will advise on the monitoring of peak flow, management plans, checking inhaler technique and choosing the best device to suit the patient.

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Baby Immunisation

This clinic is held every Friday and is run by the Practice Nurses.

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Breast Feeding Support Group

The Health Visitors provide support for breast feeding mothers.

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Breast Screening

Ladies aged between 50 and 71 years will be invited every three years for breast screening as part of the national programme. 

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Carer Services

If you have a carer or are carer please inform the Practice.

"A carer is an individual irrespective of age, who provide or supervise a substantial amount of care on a regular basis of a child, relative, partner or neighbour who is unable to manage on their own due to illness, disability, frailty, mental stress or impairment".

See our Carer Information page for further information.

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Cervical Smears

Scottish Cervical Call and Recall System reminds patients when their cervical screening is due these patients are between 20 and 60 years of age. The Scottish Cervical Call and Recall System is also responsible for notifying patients of their results.

Please make an appointment with one of our Practice Nurses for a smear test.

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Child Health Surveillance and Immunisation

The doctor and health visitor will carry out regular checks to make sure young children up to five are developing normally.  The doctor carries out a check at eight weeks and our Practice Nurses carry out others immunisations. Please do not bring ill children to this clinic.

Further information can be found in Immunisation and Vaccination Schedule.

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COPD Clinic

Our specialist Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) clinic is for chest problems and is by GP referral only. The Practice Nurses will give advice about the best inhalers for patients, will measure lung function, advise about smoking cessation and refer to respiratory rehabilitation classes if necessary.

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Diabetic Clinic (Weekly)

Our Practice Nurse will carry out checks, monitor disease control and advise on management and complications of diabetes. A full diabetic check is offered yearly to all diabetic patients. Boxes for safe disposal of needles and sharps are available free from the Health Board Reception Office.

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District Nursing

The District Nursing Team is based within the Health Centre and works closely with all members of the Primary Health Care Team, providing a range of services in the Community. District Nurses are involved in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health, as well as supporting individuals and families throughout stressful events.

Many people are referred to the district nurse by the hospital or GP, but you are encouraged to contact them independently with any problems or queries. They can be contacted Monday to Friday 8.30am to 16.30pm, telephone 01324 815 105.

If they are already out visiting and the message is urgent please explain this to the reception staff and we can contact you as soon as possible.

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Family Planning

All doctors are happy to give advice on this subject. A number of our Practice Nurses are able to do contraceptive pill checks and intrauterine contraceptive checks. Intrauterine contraceptive and Nexplanon are fitted by our Practice Nurse. Condoms and emergency contraception are available. Please seek further advice from the receptionist who will organise an appointment with the most appropriate Practice Nurse.

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Flu Vaccinations

An influenza (flu) vaccination is particularly recommended for patients with heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes and residents of nursing and care homes. An invitation letter will be sent to all patients aged over 65 years. If you are in any of the at-risk categories please contact the surgery each September for the flu vaccination.

Further information can be found in our Influenza Health Guide.

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Health Promotion

We believe in proactive care, which means protecting against infectious diseases by immunisation, detecting illness early by screening and providing appropriate education. We particularly wish to target coronary heart disease and stroke.

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Minor Surgery

A well equipped treatment room enables us to carry out some minor operations within the surgery. 

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Nursing Services

There are four type of nursing service available at the practice:

Practice Nurses

Our Practice Nurses run the heart disease, hypertension, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, smoking cessation, well woman, travel and well person clinics by appointment.

Health Visitors

A Health Visitor is a State Registered Nurse who has undergone further training. They are based in the Health Centre and can be contacted by telephone on 01324 815 105.

The Health Visitor is in the front line of preventative care and the early detection of ill health, especially with young children and babies.

They may be able to help with family problems or enable you to find the right person for support or help you require. They are is concerned with the health of the whole community. They may work jointly with social work and / or community psychiatric nurses providing care for vulnerable groups or situations.

Treatment Room Nurses

The Health Centre has a fully equipped shared Treatment Room. A nurse is available to take ear syringing, injections, dressings etc. The treatment room nurse will only see patients if they have an appointment  Referral to this clinic is made by GP only.

Mental Health Nurse

If you experiencing low mood, anxiety, trouble sleeping or controlling your emotions then the mental health nurse can offer an assessment, guidance, tools and support. They can also provide medication or refer you to specialist mental health services.

Clinics are run all day Tuesday, Wednesday morning and all day Thursday.

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Pre Conception Counselling

Please advise to make appointment with the Practice Nurse and not the GP.

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Pregnancy Test

Your pregnancy test is positive, what next?

You should make an appointment to see your Midwife or GP before you are 10 weeks pregnant.

To see your Midwife, you should telephone Forth Valley Royal Hospital Maternity Unit, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 12 noon and 12.30pm to 2pm, on 01324 567146 or email and ask for a booking appointment with the Midwife.

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Private Work including Medicals and Certificates

Certain services are not provided by the General Practitioners as part of our NHS Contract. These include medical certificates for periods of illness of less than 7 days, insurance claim forms and medicals for Large Goods Vehicle (LGV), Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV), driving, pre employment etc.

Medicals and Certificates Charges.

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Smoking Clinic

The practice nurse offers smoking cessation advice and support. Please ask for an appointment.

Local pharmacies also provide a Stop Smoking service.

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Travel Immunisations and Vaccinations

We offer a travel Health Service. However, the NHS does not cover the cost of all the treatment and vaccinations that you may require. There may also be some services that may require you to attend a Travel Clinic. Please note that if this is the case, this service will incur additional charges.

Further information can be found on our Travel Health and Immunisations page.

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Well Woman Clinic

These clinics offer facilities for cervical smear, breast examination, blood pressure checks, urine testing, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) advice and family planning. The Scottish Cervical Call Recall System recalls all women every three years.

Well Woman Appointments. Practice Nurses every day except Thursday.